But you have a law degree…

I just completed the Intellectual Property LLM degree program at University of Washington School of Law…and the first question I get asked is always: Why aren’t you practicing law? It’s natural to think that after spending 3 or more years in law school, one would then go on to practice law, which I did for several years after receiving my JD from Northwestern University School of Law. But as most law graduates know (whether they practice or not), law school and practicing can lead to so many more opportunities. I’m excited that my next opportunity is Canopy Advisory Group Seattle! Read More

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Nearly all U.S. companies use flexible, on-demand talent

In 2015, an impressive 88 percent of U.S. businesses of all sizes relied on on-demand workers as part of their workforce. More than 40 percent of these companies used on-demand professional as more than 30 percent of their overall workforce.
Not only are businesses planning to increase their use of independents in 2016, it appears many of them are already taking advantage of this new class of “free-agent” talent. This may suggest that these independents are proving their worth and are able to integrate well with their full-time counterparts.
The most common reason the surveyed companies gave for using on-demand professionals was increased flexibility. Using on-demand professional talent allows businesses to respond to opportunities with more agility, scaling their workforces as conditions require. Read More

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Starting Your Own Midlife Internship

“Let’s take some time off.” That’s how Susan Corvino of Pasadena, Calif., remembers her husband’s reaction when her communications job was eliminated four years ago. At the time, her husband was working long hours, so they agreed she would stay home with their three young children.
But returning to work two years later when her youngest daughter began preschool wasn’t so easy. Interviews in her field led nowhere, particularly when she asked for a flexible schedule. Read More

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Increasingly, Companies Use Independent Professionals for Longer Projects

The 2016 Corporate On-Demand Talent Report is a comprehensive study of corporate use of on-demand talent in a new economy. For this report, Work Market surveyed decision-makers at more than 1,000 U.S. companies. Over the next few posts, we will examine… Read More

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Stress Rampant in Traditional Workforce

If you suspect that the traditional workforce is more stressful than ever before -- especially for women -- you are right.

In January, The Huffington Post discussed constantly increasing workplace stress in an article titled The American Workplace Is Broken. Here’s How We Can Start Fixing It.  Here are a few excerpts we thought you might find relevant:
Americans are working longer and harder hours than ever before. Eighty-three percent of workers say they’re stressed about their jobs, nearly 50 percent say work-related stress is interfering with their sleep, and 60 percent use their smartphones to check in with work outside of normal working hours. It’s no wonder that only 13 percent of employees worldwide feel engaged in their occupations. Read More

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Working It Out: Is outsourcing your best opportunity?

For many young companies, the pressing question is whether to commit precious resources to a full-time hire — or to outsource some tasks
It's no secret that Colorado is an entrepreneurial mecca. The state was ranked fourth in startup activity nationwide, with 350 people out of every 100,000 adults becoming entrepreneurs every month, according to The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurship. Read More

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By 2025, the #1 place to work could be wherever you are sitting

There is a clear shift shaking up today’s labor force. Technological advances and a growing comfort-level with alternative work arrangements are fundamentally changing how people work.

This trend is not just entrepreneurs leaving the “comforts” of corporate America to build a better mousetrap. It also includes service professionals going out on their own – pursuing intellectual, economic, and personal independence and balance.

Companies are using this on-demand talent at higher levels than ever before. In addition, amenities that serve this freelance national are growing rapidly. Read More

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Why having women at the table is good for your bottom line

Our Canopy consultants have held management positions in big companies. They have opted out of the C-suite track but continue to do project-based work at that level for our clients. We love helping our consultants thrive and find balance professionally and personally, so noteworthy stories like this one about women in business pique our interest.

We often hear lopsided statistics about the lack of women at the CEO level, but a new global study of 22,000 public companies in 91 countries looked at something else – what about when women hold a significant percentage of management positions just shy of the corner office? Read More

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Former Prologis CEO, Walt Rakowich’s tips for how to build trust in any organization

It was 2007 and Prologis, a darling on Wall Street for the previous decade, experienced a rapid decline in stock price from $70 to $2 a share in a matter of months.  In the blink of an eye, the one time investor favorite became the 3rd worst performing stock on the S&P.

What changed?  Why the rapid decline in the company’s previously stellar performance? The Prologis board reached out to Walt Rakowich to answer those questions and turn the company around. Read More

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Canopy Advisory Group’s “Third Way” Expands to Seattle

Canopy Advisory Group, a Denver-based portfolio of multi-disciplinary consultants who received national attention for offering seasoned professionals a “third way” to approach work-life mix, announced today an expansion to the Seattle market. Canopy’s alternative solution effectively serves both highlancers – professionals with big-firm, big-brand training – who intentionally left the full-time employment landscape and employers seeking strategic support without the nuances of onboarding a new employee.

Complete article at DenverPost.com. Read More

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