Advisor Spotlight: Nonprofit Consultant, Barbara Berv

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How has your past professional experiences enabled you to better satisfy your current client’s needs?

My experience as a fundraiser and as the executive leader of a high-level development teams has been valuable to clients interested in improving their fundraising results. My advice has helped my clients identify the strengths of their organization’s mission, staff and board to make their fundraising more effective. I can help my clients more effectively engage important supporters inside their organizations, identify new supporters and increase support from current donors with the goal of furthering the mission of the organization.

How were you able to turn your passion into a career? 

I have been fortunate to turn my passion for the wonderful work of Metro Denver’s nonprofit organizations into a satisfying and successful career as a nonprofit executive. My passion for education and youth has been fed by the many organizations who are doing such great work in this area. My love of the arts and the environment has also fueled my desire to work with donors and volunteers supporting our creative community and the stewardship of our natural resources. It is tremendously rewarding to work with staff, board, clients and supporters of some of the most important causes of our time.

Share one way that you have helped a client experience a positive change.

Recently, I had a client who was struggling to get support from a local foundation.  They didn’t have a good connection with the executive team at the foundation, nor did they really understand the foundation’s funding priorities.  I was able to connect with executives at the foundation, set appointments with executive leaders and find a funding match.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

In my spare time, I thrive on being outdoors; walking, hiking, playing golf. I enjoy travel and cooking nutritious food. I am a voracious reader and a lifelong learner.  Most of all, I love doing any of the above with friends and family.

What were the most challenging and rewarding aspects of working for Denver Foundation as the CEO?

The most rewarding aspects of being in leadership roles both at the DPS Foundation and The Denver Foundation, involved situations where we needed to raise significant support for programs with major community impact.  I love to work with a team to identify potential donors to the project, cultivate those donors, involve them in the project they are supporting, and provide excellent stewardship along the way.  The reward comes when we know we are helping provide a better community for everyone.

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