In 2009, our founder was a high-level professional quickly climbing the ranks of major firms in the corporate world. Looking around, she saw many colleagues begin to get burned out on the relentless cycle of 70-hour workweeks. Around the same time, the freelance (or “gig”) economy was beginning to take off, and in an effort to find that ideal intersection between a thriving career and a life outside the walls of the office, Canopy was born. This idea that organizations could have access to top-level talent, while experienced professionals could narrow their focus to the type of work they are most passionate about, created a new model for the workforce.

More than a decade later, the Denver-based company’s portfolio includes veteran professionals with experience in marketing, digital, strategy, finance, nonprofit work, and law. Canopy has more than 100 consultants, all exceptional in their fields, who can help clients accomplish short- and long-term goals. Canopy’s experts have worked with hundreds of clients to get critical work done, including helping a new business grow, performing due diligence on a potential acquisition, developing a strategic growth plan, and filling in for a manager on maternity or paternity leave.

Canopy has been mentioned in the New York Times, the Denver Business Journal, the Denver Post, and various other local and national media outlets.