Our talent brings years of experience in the boardroom and can provide the foresight and innovative thinking your organization needs. They’re skilled in managing resources, aligning industry investments, training your team, narrowing your focus and conducting due diligence, all while keeping an eye on your broader strategic vision.

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A few of our Business Strategy experts

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Sami I.

Business Strategy

With over 20 years of consulting and leadership experience, Sami excels in dynamic and complex environments. Following his consulting career with Arthur Andersen and Protiviti, he spent 16 years as co-founder and CEO of a boutique consulting firm delivering over $350MM in client recoveries. A quick learner, Sami has served over 60 clients, with focus on publicly held Telecommunications and Energy companies. His consulting experience includes a wide range of Audit, Margin Recovery, Compliance, Regulatory, Technology, Dispute and Restructuring projects, including many with multi-national teams.

Olivier K.

Business Strategy

Olivier brings over 25 years of executive management experience as a leader and analytical thinker in a multitude of industry sectors such as media and entertainment, marketing and advertising, technology and SaaS, and consumer goods. He is passionate about developing and deploying disruptive and innovative business concepts. His history as an entrepreneur and corporate executive provides a strong foundation of knowledge as a consultant for companies in various stages of business cycles.

Sarabeth B.

Business Strategy

Dr. Sarabeth is a trusted senior level innovation strategist, published author, TEDx speaker, and program leader with 15 years driving initiatives that transform systems, culture, and human experiences for startups, nonprofits, higher education, K-12, and foundations. As a creative disruptor, Sarabeth ignites revolutionary thinking and guides bold plans to ensure sustainable shifts and positive social impact.

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