Land Title created a new Customer Promise and brand value proposition internally, and connected with Canopy when they recognized their team needed additional resources to support creating an intentional, cohesive campaign that is relevant and sustainable, all while strengthening relationships with key audiences.

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Canopy marketing expert, Brea, walked the client through a deep dive discussion to fully understand the motivation behind the new Customer Promise, the goals for its implementation, and the audiences they were trying to connect with. Following this conversation, Brea developed a comprehensive campaign strategy that outlined key deliverables to internal and external audiences, beginning with developing key messages around the Customer Promise, as well as creative campaign elements.

The Customer Promise was rooted in three brand value keywords: Innovative. Trusted. Yours. By working with the client to understand the “proof points” behind those words, Brea developed five creative campaign concepts that included key messaging copy, as well as creative campaign elements that aligned with the existing Land Title brand while creating a new campaign that would stand out to target audiences.

The campaign features unique headlines, consistent layouts and imagery, and supporting copy that not only ties back to the specific programs within Land Title that fulfill the customer vision statement, but also highlights the company’s longevity and strength as a Colorado-only provider. The flexibility of the campaign elements will be proven as it ultimately extends across all of Land Title’s marketing platforms including print and digital advertising, website, social media, email marketing, marketing collateral, internal talking points and presentations.

Brea will continue to assist Land Title as they roll out the campaign in the coming weeks/months, a timeline that has been impacted slightly as we all navigate the current landscape around COVID-19