Working 9-5 Becoming a Less Popular Way to Make a Living

If you want an income, or you're an employer looking for help, it may be time to scrap the idea of the traditional 9-to-5 arrangement.
For workers, it has become easier and less risky to go solo. Affordable health-insurance plans, which kept many workers shackled to traditional jobs, are more accessible because of the Affordable Care Act. And companies are increasingly open to hiring freelancers and independent contractors. Many say independent workers bring fresh ideas without the long-term commitment. Read More

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Interim Leaders Offer Value During Organizational Transitions

The writing on the cake reads Congratulations! Or, Best Wishes! It is all smiles at the office going-away party.  Or, maybe it is a baby shower hosted by co-workers.  But, what happens when the party is over?

Work must carry on despite the void left by an executive moving on or an employee taking maternity leave.  This time of transition can bring uncertainty and added stress to co-workers who feel the burden of additional responsibility or unclear leadership.  Bringing on the right interim leader to your team can ensure a smooth transition for the return of an employee on-leave or the hiring of a new executive. Read More

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MergeLane and Galvanize: Creating Community for Denver and Boulder-based Entrepreneurs

As the second best place in the U.S. to launch a startup (according to Forbes), Denver has a thriving, entrepreneurial spirit that is contagious.  We recently attended two events that captured this innovative energy:  Galvanize’s Denver-Platte Campus Grand Opening Party and MergeLane’s 2015 DemoDay in Boulder.

Galvanize is a network of technology campuses designed to bring together startups, students, mentors and investors into a shared workspace or community. With over 1,000 members, this company emanates that passionate drive and encouraging, entrepreneurial culture that is shaping our city. The grand opening celebrated the launch of the Platte campus, the company’s 5th campus nationwide. Read More

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Know Your Community

These three words of wisdom, "know your community," offered by Zayo Group Founder and CEO Dan Caruso recently sparked a conversation within Canopy Advisory Group about the importance of staying abreast of what is happening in our bustling city.  Caruso attested that by attending business and community events, employees gain insight and inspiration valuable to personal, professional and organizational growth. Read More

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Social Responsibility: Being Strategic About Community Investment

By Kecia Carroll, Canopy Advisor

It goes by many names:  corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship, community relations to name a few.  The intent is the same. It’s about a company’s responsibility to invest in the communities in which it serves; about addressing social and environmental challenges while driving economic growth.  Put another way, it means not just caring about the bottom line, but what you can do with the bottom line.
It’s about having an impact. Read More

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3 Basic Steps to Improve Your Elevator Pitch

By Alyce Blum, Professional Networking Coach

When was the last time you shared your elevator pitch and walked away feeling empowered and perhaps even inspired by what you said? If the answer is, “I'm not sure I've ever felt that way," don't worry, you're not alone. Most people haven't spent much, if any, time preparing an elevator pitch that wows their audience or themselves. And that's because most of us haven't taken the time to incorporate one simple, yet highly powerful question that will take your generic pitch and turn it into something unique, meaningful and lasting. WHY do you do what you do? Read More

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The On-Demand Economy – Worker on Tap

In the early 20th century Henry Ford combined moving assembly lines with mass labour to make building cars much cheaper and quicker—thus turning the automobile from a rich man’s toy into transport for the masses. Today a growing group of entrepreneurs is striving to do the same to services, bringing together computer power with freelance workers to supply luxuries that were once reserved for the wealthy. Uber provides chauffeurs. Handy supplies cleaners. SpoonRocket delivers restaurant meals to your door. Instacart keeps your fridge stocked. In San Francisco a young computer programmer can already live like a princess. Read More

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Rethink What You “Know” About High-Achieving-Women

As researchers who have spent more than 20 years studying professional women, we have watched with interest the recent surge in attention paid to women’s careers, work-family conflict, and the gender gap in leadership. Among the most visible contributions to this public conversation have been Anne-Marie Slaughter’s 2012 Atlantic article “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” and Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, both of which ignited fierce public debate. Read More

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6 Ways to Make Freelancers Some of Your Most Valuable Employees

Today's businesses have a new secret weapon: Employees who are available at any time from anywhere in the world.

Do you need a blog post written, but don't have the time to do it? What about a new logo? Freelancers are perfect for tasks that you can't complete internally or those that would be cheaper to outsource. Read More

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Content Marketing in a Content-Hungry World

By Abby Hagstrom, Canopy Advisor

In today’s digital, content-driven world content marketing is not only a valuable tool, but a critical tool. It can help generate market awareness, support SEO and marketing campaigns and if executed properly contribute to bottom line success.  According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. In fact, 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable content type for marketing. Here is one idea for reaching target audiences through this relevant and powerful third party. Read More

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