Canopy Advisory Group’s “Third Way” Speaks to Top New Year’s Resolutions: More Meaningful Work, Reduce Stress

According to Forbes*, today’s professional hopes to welcome the New Year with new outcomes including more meaningful work, less stress, and better work-life balance. As these professionals search for career opportunities that are right for them, a third way – something between opting out and leaning in to the big firms – has begun to take hold. One such example of the third way is being coined the “highlancer,” a model proved lucrative for early entrant, Canopy Advisory Group.

The term refers to a new breed of freelance professionals who are highly qualified, having typically attended prestigious undergraduate or graduate schools and later honed their skills at a big firm. Their experience in the corporate world, however, has left them feeling disillusioned, dissatisfied and looking for an alternative. Read More

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An Interim Executive Director at Your Nonprofit?

Top Ten (11, actually) Reasons Why It Can Be a Godsend

It provides the needed expertise to run a nonprofit business, ESPECIALLY when there’s a likelihood of existing confusion, transitional and other change, possible demoralization.
It puts an “outsider” with no organizational baggage in the position of guiding, stabilizing, running the organization. Read More

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Confluence Denver features Canopy as a leader in the rise of the ‘Highlancer’

Canopy Advisory Group is featured today in Confluence Denver, a publication that highlights Denver’s game changers with a specific focus on entrepreneurship, startups, place building and arts and culture. We are proud to be a leader helping ‘highlancers' create fulfilling careers as independent consultants. There is a true third way between opting out and leaning in; we are at forefront of this evolving on-demand workforce and passionate about connecting our talent to the needs of the business and nonprofit communities.   Read More

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Denver Startup Week – Success Starts with the Right Team

With over 230 events scheduled around the Denver business community this week, it is no doubt that Denver Startup Week has become a force for connection and innovation among entrepreneurs, investors, developers, marketers and sales teams across the country.

Last year’s five-day event drew over 7,800 startup community members and 700 companies to more than 180 events.  This week’s event promises to be bigger and better and is, in fact, the largest such event in the nation. Read More

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Denver Job Market Lures Millennials

Millennials are flocking to the Mile High City, but it isn’t the nearby ski slopes, microbreweries or urban hiking trails that are attracting them: It’s the jobs.

A shared office space called Industry, in the popular River North Art District, stands as an example of the entrepreneurial forces that are luring a flood of young professionals here. Read More

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WeWork Creates Ideal Space for Independent Workers

It was hard not to do a double take scanning headlines this week. WeWork, a provider of shared office space, announced a $10 billion valuation.  The jaw-dropping figure was revealed after Fidelity Management & Research agreed to invest $400 million in the company.

Just over a year ago, the company was valued at only $1.5 billion.  WeWork's success and explosive growth has been the subject of debate around the water cooler.  How does a company that simply sublets office space become so successful in such a short period of time? There are a variety of reasons, of course. But, one thing is for sure … WeWork’s success has a lot to do with WHO is subletting their space and WHY. Read More

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B Corp Certification – Can it Help You Build a Better Business?

Denver’s Quarterly Forum provides a place for emerging executives to “dream more, learn more, do more and become more.”  We couldn’t agree more.

QF is a non-partisan leadership organization with members representing diverse industries but bound by professional ambition and commitment to the community. Canopy’s participation with QF has opened doors and provided experiences that are educational and inspiring.  The topic at a recent QF Breakfast Program was B Corps – what they are and are not, their value and increasing appeal to businesses worldwide. Read More

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Working 9-5 Becoming a Less Popular Way to Make a Living

If you want an income, or you're an employer looking for help, it may be time to scrap the idea of the traditional 9-to-5 arrangement.
For workers, it has become easier and less risky to go solo. Affordable health-insurance plans, which kept many workers shackled to traditional jobs, are more accessible because of the Affordable Care Act. And companies are increasingly open to hiring freelancers and independent contractors. Many say independent workers bring fresh ideas without the long-term commitment. Read More

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Interim Leaders Offer Value During Organizational Transitions

The writing on the cake reads Congratulations! Or, Best Wishes! It is all smiles at the office going-away party.  Or, maybe it is a baby shower hosted by co-workers.  But, what happens when the party is over?

Work must carry on despite the void left by an executive moving on or an employee taking maternity leave.  This time of transition can bring uncertainty and added stress to co-workers who feel the burden of additional responsibility or unclear leadership.  Bringing on the right interim leader to your team can ensure a smooth transition for the return of an employee on-leave or the hiring of a new executive. Read More

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MergeLane and Galvanize: Creating Community for Denver and Boulder-based Entrepreneurs

As the second best place in the U.S. to launch a startup (according to Forbes), Denver has a thriving, entrepreneurial spirit that is contagious.  We recently attended two events that captured this innovative energy:  Galvanize’s Denver-Platte Campus Grand Opening Party and MergeLane’s 2015 DemoDay in Boulder.

Galvanize is a network of technology campuses designed to bring together startups, students, mentors and investors into a shared workspace or community. With over 1,000 members, this company emanates that passionate drive and encouraging, entrepreneurial culture that is shaping our city. The grand opening celebrated the launch of the Platte campus, the company’s 5th campus nationwide. Read More

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