Three Reasons the Highlancer Offers an Ideal Solution When an Employee Takes Parental Leave

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When a key employee takes parental leave, it can be challenging to temporarily fill the void their time away creates. Some companies opt to put the burden on the surrounding team, while others strategically plan in advance and fill the void with an external consultant. Here are three benefits to bringing in a highlancer (a highly skilled, big firm trained freelancer) to fulfill the key employee’s responsibilities while they are out.

Minimize Disruption:

When hiring a temporary solution to fill in for an employee taking parental leave, a knowledgeable, experienced consultant can quickly pick up where your key employee left off. In addition, you have the option to have the consultant work with the key employee leading up to the parental leave date, which places the company in an even stronger position to manage the time the key employee is gone. Consultants who have extensive experience and knowledge in a particular field can adjust smoothly to the work environment while providing the business with an outside view that has the potential to further business growth.


Whether the employee takes three months or six months away, a consultant will be able to adjust to your business’s situational needs. In addition, if the key employee returns to work in a part-time capacity or decides not to return, a consultant can help the company adjust by filling in as needed.


A talented consultant understands the importance of strong communication. They are committed to effective on boarding prior to the scheduled leave, smooth transition with other internal and external stakeholders, and a smooth reintroduction when the leave concludes.

With the right consultant, parental leave can be a smooth process for your business. Deciding to have a child should not lead your employees to worry about whether their responsibilities are being fulfilled while they are gone and what they may be returning to. Hiring a consultant to fill in helps with personal, professional and large scale business challenges.

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