Advisor Spotlight: Sam Bugg, Marketing and PR consultant

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What work did you complete for the American Cancer Society?
I was a community liaison and fundraiser at the American Cancer Society (ACS). As Senior Manager, I led a team to raise $1 million annually through 25 grassroots fundraising events called Relay For Life. Funds went to ACS research, education, advocacy, and patient services.

How do you use your uniques interests in science and technology to differentiate yourself from others working in your field?
I approach everything I do with a scientific mind. This makes me curious, consider information objectively, and to strive to always improve. I differentiate myself as I’m trained in both science and communications, being able to serve as a translator between the two fields. I can take complex, technical information and translate it to easy-to-understand formats for various audiences.

What are some of your favorite trends in content development today?
Visual / video = The use of video has already seen an intense expansion in telling stories. The next step will be Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) techniques to further involve audiences in the story.
User Generated Content (UGC) = giving people the opportunity to tell their own stories and perspectives.
No matter what trends appear, I’ll always be a fan of a good story and the tried and true adage of “know your audience”.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Exploring the Colorado outdoors with my wife and two dogs. On my free time, I can usually be found hiking, biking, camping, skiing, or fly fishing. I also love wildlife and volunteer at the Denver Zoo.

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