Featured Advisor: Nonprofit and Financial Consultant, Amy

What motivated you to become a Founding executive of Get Smart Schools and Co-founder of Denver School of Science & Technology?
I got involved with the charter school movement after learning more about the low graduation rates for students in Denver Public Schools.  I was appalled to realize that, at the time we started DSST, the odds of a low-income DPS student attending college were about 10%.  I believed that my previous experience as an entrepreneur had prepared me to tackle the challenge of starting new, more effective schools. After the launch of DSST, I saw an opportunity to support others who wanted to create innovative new schools. Between my work with DSST and Get Smart Schools, I’ve played a role in the development of more than 20 schools, and those schools are changing the future for thousands of students. Read More

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Financial Tips for Startups

There’s no shortage of financial tips that can be given to the new entrepreneur, ranging from the tactical to the strategic. Here are a few things we recommend entrepreneurs keep in mind as they begin making critical financial decisions for their business: Read More

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Business of Aging

Canopy Advisory consultant Karen Larsen, second from right, works with a team at Graebel, which includes Gen X'ers, millennials and boomers. Photo by Kathleen Lavine, Denver Business Journal

Baby boomer Karen Larsen used to be afraid to talk about her grandson at work because it would draw attention to her age. Now, she has now found an encore career where her years of experience as a chief marketing officer are wildly sought after. Read More

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Featured Advisor: Branding and Graphic Design Consultant, Jenn

Canopy Advisory is pleased to introduce you to our featured advisor, Jenn. Jenn has over 15 years of experience in advertising and design working to bring her clients thoughts to life through varying physical representations. Jenn has worked for major ad agencies covering TV and print campaigns for brands like Gatorade, TJ Maxx, Hillshire Farm and Wachovia Bank. Read More

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The True Cost of a Bad Hire

Businesses often hire when their needs are no longer quiet whispers but rather have grown to screaming gaps in their talent pool. Time is frequently condensed compromising the recruiting, vetting, and onboarding processes. Whether part of a startup or a globally established company, hiring managers frequently settle for less than ideal hires leading to material costs to the organization.

Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, estimates that bad hires have cost his company more than $100 million. The Department of Labor says the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first year earnings. Finally, a well-known recruiter estimates the cost of onboarding an employee at $240,000. Read More

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How Freelancers Can Spur Open Innovation

Innovation is vital for business growth, and companies are exploring internal and external sources of innovation to stay competitive in their industry.

Open innovation encourages staff to search for new ideas relevant to their market through relationships made among consultants, external partners, universities, research institutes, competitors and customers. A new study featured in Harvard Business Review examines how employees at IBM are generating innovative ideas by evaluating how they interact with their external and internal relationships.

The study found that employees who seek inspiration internally are just as innovative as those who seek innovation externally. However, overall, those who devoted time and resources to external partners were more innovative when they knew how to apply the ideas they incurred. Read More

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Three Reasons the Highlancer Offers an Ideal Solution When an Employee Takes Parental Leave

When a key employee takes parental leave, it can be challenging to temporarily fill the void their time away creates. Some companies opt to put the burden on the surrounding team, while others strategically plan in advance and fill the void with an external consultant. Here are three benefits to bringing in a highlancer (a highly skilled, big firm trained freelancer) to fulfill the key employee’s responsibilities while they are out. Read More

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July Featured Advisor: Nonprofit & Sustainability Strategist Joanne

Canopy Advisory is pleased to introduce you to our featured advisor of the month, Joanne. Joanne has 15+ years of experience in aiding organizations in strategic goal development, fundraising diversification, corporate social responsibility initiatives, coalition building, and collaboration around environmental, economic and social impact challenges. In addition, Joanne is soon to be a published author, with her new book ChangeSeekers coming out Sept. 12. Read More

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5 Tactics To Effectively Integrate The On-Demand Workforce Into Your Business

Due to the high frequency that growth-oriented businesses need expert or niche talent, more and more businesses are turning to freelancers to help them achieve success. According to NetSuite, the majority of businesses hire on-demand workers because of the improved work quality, additional revenue they generate, work flexibility and decreased labor costs.

To benefit most from the on-demand labor model, consider how to best integrate a freelancer into your company and culture. Here are five tips for growing, expanding and developing your on-demand workforce: Read More

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Digital Marketing Takeaways From Digital Summit Denver

Last week, Denver’s digital marketing professionals convened at the largest Digital Summit Denver yet. The summit included big names including keynote speakers Seth Godin and Morgan Spurlock, along with digital marketing leaders from Facebook, Cisco, National Geographic, Fidelity Investments, SalesForce, The Economist, and more.

Here is an overview of the insights shared at the conference and how you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Read More

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