Why leadership coaching is needed now more than ever

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As we enter the third month of the global pandemic, the crisis continues and uncertainty remains high. These unprecedented times amplify the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) environment in a way that we could never have imagined a few short weeks ago.

And while budgets are cut and spending scrutinized, the need to invest in the development and well-being of our leaders is greater than ever before. We need leaders who are equipped to see us through this crisis and lead us into our new reality. That’s where executive and leadership coaching can play a vital role.

You have heard the saying that exemplifies this COVID-19 situation: “we are in the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat”. People are faced with a multitude of different challenges at this time, from job loss to homeschooling, working on the frontlines to leading a team remotely. Coaching provides real-time, individualized support and development, meeting leaders where they are in this moment.

Coaching provides a safe place for reflection amidst the chaos of a crisis. It is an opportunity to examine mindsets, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve in the current context and explore new ways of thinking, and being, to open up new possibilities.

What is important today that wasn’t a month ago?
What is possible now that wasn’t before?
What chances have you taken and what have you learned?
What have you learned and unlearned?

It is an opportunity to move from reaction to intention. To tackle stressors and build resilience. To find courage and comfort in the ambiguity and the vulnerability that arises from not knowing.

As leaders find support through coaching to increase awareness, adapt to the current context and develop the agility to deal with the storm rocking their boat, and the boats of those around them, this calm, compassionate and proactive leadership approach ripples through the organization. With increasing layers of leadership in organizations dispersed by this pandemic, building capacity and confidence in those leaders is paramount, and coaching can provide the ideal development solution.

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