Canopy Virtual Event: EQ: The Magic Leadership Ingredient

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Watch the video recording of Cynthia Farrell’s Virtual Event as part of the Canopy Advisory expert webinar series.

EQ is a hot topic in business today, and with good reason. According to Harvard Business Review, EQ accounts for 90% of what sets high performers apart from peers. The good news: EQ can be developed and improved. But how? In this session, Cynthia shares her own EQ journey, starting with a career setback that forced her to build her EQ to be a better leader, colleague, friend and partner. Using an accessible model of EQ as the foundation, she’ll lead attendees on an exploration of the components of EQ and how they impact our ability to build relationships, manage stress, navigate change, and lead courageously. She’ll share tangible approaches to explore our EQ strengths and weaknesses, and build our EQ skills so we show up as our best each day.

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