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Biennial of the Americas

Lucy S., Canopy Marketing & PR Consultant


The Biennial of the Americas is an international fusion of art, music, culture and thought-leadership designed to unify the Americas.  In odd years, BotA hosts a city-wide festival and this year the “Empathy in Action” themed programming drew record crowds, including to a fireside chat with Sir Richard Branson. A number of community donors help to fund BotA’s important and exciting work, but the organization was looking to enhance its corporate partnerships.


With less than six weeks before festival launch, Canopy's expert, Lucy, jumped on board quickly reviewing all program materials, conducting local partnership research based on program specifications and providing a list of 80+ potential partners all within five (5) days to enable the BotA team to have the most time possible to contact and convince them to come on board.

She then assisted the BotA team by developing key partnership programming components including:

  • -Key categories to target for partnership acquisition
    -Tiered partnership package recommendations including an asset list template
    -Partnership contract
    -Management document including a checklist to help seamlessly engage with partners
    -Asset list template that may also be used as an addendum to the contract
    -Measurement document to help measure and communicate success
    -Post-festival, Lucy also prepared a partner interview guide and was able to obtain feedback from 15 (of 28) partners to help understand how they viewed their partnership.

She then synthesized and presented findings to BotA’s board of directors in support of the BotA team’s strategic plan and recommended hiring another staff member, focused exclusively on partner acquisition and communication.

According to CEO Erin Trapp, "Lucy was a strong resource for our team as we continue to move our funding model to one that is driven by customer value. Her recommendation for adding a staff member was clear and linked to outcomes, which helped effectively make the case for additional resources to the Board."

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