Solving the C-Suite Hiring Gap

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A lot of companies lost successors over the last five years to job market fluctuation, and upskilling can rarely solve C-Suite level needs, so how else can companies fill senior business leadership positions?

Fractional COOs and COSs have entered the gig economy and are solving many problems for businesses that have a gap in high-level capability. “Most fractional executives have worked for several years in multiple roles and industries—often in many companies. These deep levels of experience make them very adaptable to step in quickly to a senior role. Where it might take years to upskill a current employee, it normally takes 90 days for a fractional executive to be operating at 100%.” 

“So how can the influx of fractional executives be a solution to this significant business gap? The answers fall into three C’s: capability, customizable, and contract.” 

Read the complete Forbes article that dives into these benefits and note the last section on avoiding fractional pitfalls.

“When opting for a fractional executive, businesses might face challenges like aligning the executive’s availability with the company’s needs, ensuring a good fit with the company’s culture, and managing expectations around deliverables.” Canopy has extensive experience matching high-level professionals with companies to avoid these problems. Connect with our pool of talent and speak with us about what roles you need to fill.  

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