Q&A with Human Resources Expert Derek J.

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Derek has over 15 years of experience in People Talent, including acquisition, engagement, development, management, and retention. He is passionate about building scalable, inclusive institutional cultures where HR is a strategic advocate in today’s global workforce. We sat down with Derek J., a human Resources Expert advisor to learn more about his approach to consulting, what professional growth looks like in offices, and the role of HR.

What does a culture that cultivates personal and professional growth look like in an office?

It depends on the culture of the company, but I start with thinking about a culture I would like to work in. You want a culture where people can be their whole selves and be comfortable – if you accomplish that, creativity will be less stifled and energy will come more naturally. Creating an office environment where employees don’t dread Mondays, where they feel valued, they have opportunities to grow, they are trusted, they are treated like adults, and they are engaged in problem solving is a good place to start. 

How can HR advocate best for employees?

Professional and personal worlds are one and the same. You want people to be learning and improving to benefit not only their work, but themselves. HR plays a role in advocating for professional growth opportunities, putting training opportunities in place, and giving and receiving feedback.

What types of problems are you often brought in to solve?

Companies bring in an HR consultant when they are facing a challenge with things like building culture, scaling quickly, hiring the right talent, inclusivity, diversity, job satisfaction, how to keep employees engaged, and avoiding employee and leadership burnout.

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