Fractional Workers at the C-Suite Level

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The fractional model is here and is allowing businesses to hire workers for specific tasks and projects all the way up to C-Suite roles. 

It’s helpful to hear the pitch for hiring high level fractional works from those in the field. A recent Forbes article includes a great interview with Abby Sugar, a CEO and consultant for mid-stage startups, that highlights her insight into fractional hiring in the startup world. 

“You get to have a high-level strategic executive thinker that you might not need on a daily basis,” Abby Sugar, fractional employee expert, shares during her interview. “You don’t need to be paying a super high monthly salary for somebody if you’re not that large enough yet. As a solo founder, or maybe in a startup, the founder and a technical cofounder are building the code, and you need support, vision, funding, or help. Maybe it’s your first company, maybe it’s your third company, but you know that there are 500 things to do all the time. And so you need a higher level person to help you strategically execute and bring on a fractional COO instead of a lower level person at a low hourly rate.”

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