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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives have become a top priority in boardrooms across the country. Our experts can help you identify gaps and areas of focus in your organizational culture in order to develop a plan specific to your needs. From helping you create strategies to increase representation, advancement, and retention, to helping foster workplace trust and navigating difficult conversations, our experts have years of experience building stronger and more diverse teams.

Whether you need a simple audit of your current practices, or a systemic overall of your workplace culture, our professionals can work with you every step of the way. They know how to navigate sensitive areas, whether it relates to closing the gender gap or ensuring people of color are represented and included in every aspect of your business. We can help you turn your good intentions into a concrete plan that will get buy-in from your team and create an ongoing structure for feedback and improvement.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Discover intentional strategies to diversify your team and promote equity

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Katica R.

Gender Equity Expert

Katica Roy is a globally recognized and acclaimed gender economist with one of the largest bases of gender economic research in the world. Katica publishes thousands of pages of research annually, and advises on numerous client inquiries every year.  She is also an industry entrepreneur, thought leader, and frequent editorial contributor and speaker. She has been featured on CNN, CBS, Bloomberg, Cheddar, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance. Katica’s articles have been published by the World Economic Forum, Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, The Hill, The Advocate, Salesforce, and Morning Consult. In 2019, her articles garnered over 2 billion impressions.

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Lynne E.

Leadership Consulting

She has presented to hundreds of organizations from SHRM’s annual conference to Harley-Davidson to Southwest Airlines and Playboy Entertainment. Lynne provides consulting, speaking and training in the areas of leadership, management skills, conflict management, diversity and harassment.

Lynne has appeared regularly on CNN Headline News and is frequently quoted as an expert in media outlets including ABC News and The Wall Street Journal. Lynne Eisaguirre is the author of The Power of a Good Fight: How to Use Conflict to Drive Creativity, Productivity and Innovation, among several other books.

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Simone R.

Business Strategy Consultant

Simone’s upbringing instilled in her a strong sense of the importance of community, family, and building through investing in the success and dreams of one another. Simone has served as the Regional Managing Director of The Riveter, one of the fastest growing brands in the nation, leading the expansion and operations in the Denver and Minneapolis markets. Through her work she progressed the corporate mission by building a sustainable community rooted in equity.

Throughout Simone’s extensive corporate career she has served as the Director of Strategic Business Initiatives at SCL Health, where she facilitated strategic planning for regional hospital’s and facilities.

Employees are the lifeblood of most businesses and navigating complex HR issues may not only be stressful and time consuming but can have reverberating impacts across the team. Angie O. approaches these situations with an incredible combination of expertise, level-headedness, and compassion. She provides the needed support to employer and employees alike in helping to deliver the best possible outcomes. Angie is an invaluable resource across nearly all areas of HR and we couldn’t recommend her more highly
Kevin Martin - Power TakeOff COO