Denver’s ​Canopy Advisory Group hires new CEO amid expansion plans

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Canopy Advisory Group, a network of independent business consultants, today announced that is has hired Chaun Powell at its new CEO.

Powell will join Griffen O’Shaughnessy, who co-founded the Denver-based firm with Brooke Borgen. O’Shaughnessy — who was also named a DBJ Outstanding Women in Business finalist in 2016— heads Canopy’s Denver operations. Canopy also has an office in Seattle.

“With the success of Seattle and continued growth in Denver, there was also need to grow our leadership team,” O’Shaughnessy said. “Chaun is an outstanding business leader with nearly two decades of experience in health-care startups and Fortune 25 companies. He is filled with ideas to help Canopy realize its next-stage client partnerships, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for the Canopy brand, our clients, and our consultants on this addition.”

Canopy Advisory Group uses a firm-like model to bring on consultants with entrepreneurial and legal experience and allow them to choose their clients. Powell’s appointment comes as Canopy looks to expand in the Pacific Northwest.

The firm focuses on marketing and PR, strategy and finance, nonprofits and law.

Canopy is looking to capitalize on a trend that sees more people seeking work-life balance with more flexibility. Powell will head up expansion efforts, which include scaling to other cities by 2020.

Powell also works as graduate level adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. He formerly was national director of orthopaedics for Cardinal Health and vice president of U.S. sales, business development and marketing for Emerge Medical.

“The next chapter of Canopy will certainly build off of the successes celebrated to date, which wouldn’t have been possible without considerable dedication and contributions from each advisor, client and the reception we’ve received in both Denver and Seattle,” said Powell, CEO, Canopy Advisory Group. “Though the mission and culture of our organization remain, Canopy 2.0 will be growth-oriented, focused on business and nonprofit communities in key cities.”

Caitlin Hendee is digital producer and social engagement manager for the Denver Business Journal and covers education. Email: [email protected]. Phone: 303-803-9226.

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