Interim Leaders Offer Value During Organizational Transitions

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The writing on the cake reads Congratulations! Or, Best Wishes! It is all smiles at the office going-away party.  Or, maybe it is a baby shower hosted by co-workers.  But, what happens when the party is over?

Work must carry on despite the void left by an executive moving on or an employee taking maternity leave.  This time of transition can bring uncertainty and added stress to co-workers who feel the burden of additional responsibility or unclear leadership.  Bringing on the right interim leader to your team can ensure a smooth transition for the return of an employee on-leave or the hiring of a new executive.

3 Benefits of Interim Leadership

Stability and Efficiency
Interim leaders keep an organization moving forward while alleviating added responsibilities taken on by existing employees.  The skilled interim leader does more than fill the daily leadership vacuum. He or she provides immediate guidance and expertise, keeping the organization on-track while the search for a permanent replacement is made or until an employee returns.

Objectivity and a Fresh Perspective
There is a level of detachment that an interim leader brings to an organization.  He or she is unencumbered with past organizational history or employee conflict and is not stuck in “doing things the way they’ve always been done.”  This allows objectivity or a fresh perspective that might not normally be present when making critical decisions. Interim leaders bring an impartial viewpoint to the job allowing them to make candid and constructive recommendations.

Mentoring and Coaching
Interim leaders serve as mentors or coaches in a variety of ways.  Working side-by-side with colleagues, an interim leader can share best practices adding value to the organization. When an employee reports back to work, the interim leader can work closely to get him or her back up to speed, easing potential stress associated with returning to work.  Interim leaders can support and serve as an advisor in searching, screening and selecting a permanent replacement. Through past and current experience in that role, he or she offers invaluable insight during this process.

Here are a few examples of how our own Canopy advisors have assisted Denver-area organizations by serving as interim leaders:

Colorado Africa Organization
Canopy Advisor Jennifer Freeman served as interim executive director and assisted the board with the search for her replacement. Once the executive director was identified, Jennifer served as her coach throughout the transition.

“Jennifer made me realize what a strong Executive Director looked like.  She was instrumental in helping us fill a void and bring on the next full-time leader.” — CAO Board Chair

Front Range Bank
Canopy Advisor Liesa Taylor served as interim human resources support before the bank was ready to hire an internal director.  As part of her role, she led the search process involving drafting the job description, doing salary research, posting the position in the right channels, screening and interviewing applicants and the coaching the new hire during the transition.

“Dianna is doing awesome. We couldn’t be happier with her – I’m so grateful to have her!” —FRB Controller on the new HR Director that Liesa helped hire.

Museum of Contemporary Art
MCA Denver’s relied on Canopy Advisor Jennifer Kelly while their grant writer was on maternity leave.  Jennifer ensured grant pipeline and reporting was fulfilled and that the new mom did not return to a backlog of work or missed deadlines.

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