MergeLane and Galvanize: Creating Community for Denver and Boulder-based Entrepreneurs

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As the second best place in the U.S. to launch a startup (according to Forbes), Denver has a thriving, entrepreneurial spirit that is contagious.  We recently attended two events that captured this innovative energy:  Galvanize’s Denver-Platte Campus Grand Opening Party and MergeLane’s 2015 DemoDay in Boulder.

Galvanize is a network of technology campuses designed to bring together startups, students, mentors and investors into a shared workspace or community. With over 1,000 members, this company emanates that passionate drive and encouraging, entrepreneurial culture that is shaping our city. The grand opening celebrated the launch of the Platte campus, the company’s 5th campus nationwide.

MergeLane is a Boulder-based business accelerator, which invests in women-led companies. The company’s first-ever DemoDay showcased eight women-led startups, each having completed MergeLane’s 12-week mentor program.  The buzz and energy at this sold-out event was amazing, as was the high-caliber of talent in attendance.  Both of these events left us feeling inspired, and we also took away something unexpected…

The idea and appeal of ‘community’ draws people to great organizations.
Galvanize and MergeLane create community by providing a select group of entrepreneurs an opportunity to work side-by-side with diverse, but like-minded motivated individuals.  These innovators and thought leaders can escape the often-isolated environment of a small home-office to a community of connections, mentorships, resources and groupthink.

This same idea applies to independent consultants and the community within Canopy Advisory Group.  Our independent consultants often work from individual locations, but through Canopy are connected with opportunities for networking and professional growth, the opportunity to share best practices and a shared passion to engage and contribute to the success of our great city.

We are proud to be part of Denver’s vibrant start-up scene and are inspired by the great work of MergeLane and Galvanize.  By cultivating community and providing growth opportunities for our city’s many entrepreneurs, these organizations are having a tremendous impact.

8 companies showcased at Demo Day:  Havenly, idaciti, Intelligent Eyes, mapistry, Sugarwish, Tomboyx, QuickZip, zaza

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