Fractional Executives for Startups and Smaller Businesses

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Who needs Fractional Executives most? “Small and medium size enterprises and startups typically do not have the financial resources to hire in-house C-level leadership.”

“Unlike established companies that often have a team of top senior executives, most SMEs and startups only have the business owner acting as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Yet, growth and scale are essential for small companies to survive and compete. A sign that your company may need the intervention of a fractional executive is that it is not attaining set organizational goals.”

The benefits of fractional executives are reiterated often: access to expertise, cost effectiveness, build a complete team, flexibility… Read the Yale Ledger article which expands more on each benefit and consider if your business might align well with additional high-level expertise while it grows.

“A fractional executive is a seasoned C-suite professional with at least twenty years of experience in their field of expertise. The majority of fractional executives boast an impressive career history with experience in various C-level roles across multiple industries.” Canopy’s talent pool includes a carefully selected group of executive-level experts. Let us help complete your team. 

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