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I just completed the Intellectual Property LLM degree program at University of Washington School of Law…and the first question I get asked is always: Why aren’t you practicing law? It’s natural to think that after spending 3 or more years in law school, one would then go on to practice law, which I did for several years after receiving my JD from Northwestern University School of Law. But as most law graduates know (whether they practice or not), law school and practicing can lead to so many more opportunities. I’m excited that my next opportunity is Canopy Advisory Group Seattle!

While living in the Seattle area as an attorney, I’ve come to understand and appreciate the well educated, highly experienced professional seeking efficiency and balance in life. Despite any stereotypes that Seattle is tech, coffee or bust, the city fosters talent across all industries and professions. Seattle is one of the most amenable cities for independent professionals. I am the lucky one that gets to meet them and provide a service to help not only advance their careers, but also bring a sense of professional community to their flexible work environment. In addition to the value I hope to bring to independent professionals, I plan on bringing this talent to companies to meet their flexible and fluid needs.

Independent consultant staffing firms are not unknown to the Seattle area, so what distinguishes Canopy? In Denver, Canopy began with quality as its foundation. As it has grown year after year and the quantity of advisors has increased, the quality has always remained consistently excellent. Using a referral system and personal meetings, Canopy gets to know each and every consultant to understand his or her skills, talents and needs. Only then can a perfect match be made with a client seeking those skills and talents to meet its needs. Canopy is not about high volume, databases, resumes and turnover, it is about people, quality of professional life and community. I hope to continue that legacy in Seattle. Already, I have met amazingly talented individuals that have so much to offer and it’s been overwhelmingly inspirational to get to know these people.

I’m proud to be a part of the professional community here and excited to tap into the unused resources and talent to help professionals and businesses thrive.

– Carin Parcel, Managing Director – Canopy Advisory Group Seattle

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